October 2, 2010

the moments of futures

are laid in the past we already wrote
waking up to the smile you feared i lost forever
i feared the loss of it when no energy is left but exist
i am not going to open my eyes to feel the warmth of your smile
i can feel you here in this warm bed
this brings me joy to no end
you are as beautiful to me as stars and the sea
that lays blue in a bright sunshine
we are simply divine at listening to each other
as words fold upon words until one of us drifts off to sleep

the thing i miss the most is the moist touch of your skin
that beautiful head on my shoulder and your supple body flush with mine
the thing i anticipate the most is the taste of your lips
in those kisses i crave
your words to me in the darkness of night
fill me with hope as the new day begins
you ask me if i want you here with me
everyday doll, everyday i want to wake to your loving smile
fall asleep to your voice and body
a moist folly to saturate us
i may want it, but i cannot ask for it
our storybook is already written
we are merely participants who take to writing as we experience this love
where someday the time and distance will fold in on use
because i want your love to stay

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