October 24, 2010

only when you are up

been up since 4 or so listening to the rain
at first in bed just wondering how i have come through this year
its destiny a bit laden with hope
its reality a bitter trial of failing expectations
the path through others does not lead you to your home
but rather to their fun house of mirrors best explored in some other manner than the pursuit of your most cherished hope
now i am just sitting listening to the melancholy pitter patter
of oregon rain as it strikes the blossom tree
this coffee is dark and bitter and all i can do is smile
its called liquid sunshine for a reason
people only love you when you are up
then they vanish like dandelions blown in the wind
just listen to that sound
its rain and hope
mixing in the light of early morning
there is a reason i love the comfort of strangers
i can be who i want to be
and then go home
our moments carry only that time
and the memory
there is no way to tarnish hope
and i always find my way home then

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