October 10, 2010

simple mixed media

a simple mixed media say i am divine, lost, and unfulfilled
after the mixed energy of my time in Fall
i keep thinking i will never get this straight
maybe it does not matter
as i smile thinking of all this love
this weekend was about art, control, joy and letting go
it was about saying goodbye to the Timbers season
with a right good heckling of the bloody whitecaps
i can be better at this
i can forgive myself for the fall
i can find what it is i am seeking
if i just accept it is already here inside of me
i need to keep this mixture
the molar balance to a chemical reaction
we are powder and an in need of activation
the energy of the reaction
and tonight we say goodbye lads
we love the green and gold
we love the rose city
despite the no pity love
tomorrow i will paint you another masterpiece

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