October 13, 2010

the time of the sagging sun

the time of the sagging sun refers to my days in the pearl and my favorite time of the year for walking the streets and photographing my beloved city. in the Fall, the sun's rays are of an intensity that they cover a city in perfect zonal light. i miss these days of being stoned and manic from some womanly episode that all i could do was walk, photograph and walk some more. the light was perfect in its quality and crystal effects.

i miss everything about living in my loft, from the morning sun in my kitchen nook bedroom to the din of first thursday revelers. all the fucking, drugs, and art parties. maybe i was the reveler of my own creation. so many people, so many memories. it was the beginning of an explosion that has led me to today; two poetry books in print and a third on the way; 5 art photography books in various stages of creation and two art/word book combos in their infancy. a loving smart beautiful daughter; i am changing the world every day!

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