October 31, 2010

to sleep next

the time is shorter
when i am in the west
and you in the east
is it sunny there love
it's pissing rain
in the mossy city
where you saw three roses
i am going to smile
because i want to believe
you can love me like i do
i am going to laugh
because i know it makes
you smile
i know you are in a dive bar
like me
this is comfortable for us
it brings me comfort to think
the beautiful you exists
for only me to love
for only me to cherish
will you, won't you
i say yes
i say yes
i do i do i do
either in clevo
the rose city
or somewhere sunny warm
i want to be your love
for all your time
and every day
wake up to your smile
to say i am devoted
to you
to sleep next to your
saturated skin
i loved
like no other

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