October 16, 2010

we all know that entropy wins

i never had any regrets growing up till i was old enough to have really made a poor decision and it was only after a series of really poor choices led me through a valley of despair. i regret things now a days from time to time. the picture above is of the entrance wall in my loft studio in the pearl i had several years ago. the wall i set up so that people who came to the studio could write messages, leave tags and put graffiti art on my wall. i miss this place, the opportunities it brought and the proximity to all my favorite things. i regret selling it, but it afforded me so many other opportunities that this regret is only rooted in the fact i can never have that time again. that wall will all its messages and the war of paint colors fought on my studio walls as if it a tapestry of the war within me for which manic energy would win.

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