November 18, 2010

all my soul divines

in a day full of stress and frustration
you are a constant dream
that keeps my smile
from running away
this emo drains me of my spirit
as time dictates the clock is ticking
on my ability to save the earth
from humanity
i do not know why i try
to help save you all from yourself
when i really just rather
create art and fuck like a porn star
in this day
where i am an emo wreck
there is you and your voice
you and your love for me
like an ever present companion
its more than lust and passion
to be a beam of light
in a cold dark world
where the world is against
every action you take
i spend every day
fighting for what no one believes in
every day my life getting shorter
when all my soul divines
is to be with you
making this art
a tangible reality
making this love
a story that stands
the test of time
in a world i have saved
from humanity

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