November 28, 2010

the day of your emo

on the day of your emo
we should have been celebrating
instead i hear nothing
see nothing and
know you are not
here where i can smile at you
i could be emo myself
in this drizzle where the sun is liquid
where the shine is opposite
of rust on metal
i wish you were here
or i was there
to soothe your emo
on your day of celebration
with the suit of birthdays
we wrote a storybook
we are the experience
of a storybook
written as romantic
expressed as a tragedy
retold as a comedy
you needed me
i loved you
you loved me too
i needed you
wanted you
to be here for today
tomorrow and next year
i could say i was naive
i could say i should never leap
i wouldn't change
what i did for love
how i felt or what i believed
you could have been
safer with your fire
safer with my heart
i was fine until you left
without a goodbye
those things you thought
the ones you said
were no where near the truth
sitting here now
wishing you were here
for the joy of your day
i will never look back
on a storybook love
i wanted to live
as well as write
i will never look back
even if some how
you say goodbye
or sorry
it was for love you know

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