November 14, 2010

dirty rainbows and pineapple

the colors could be faded
when the fog is so low
the misty rain
a dark reminder
of the city and time
i have just passed through
the neon is gorgeous
as the night goes on
then there is your smile
those eyes of gold
a molten warmth
of our laughter
we are all smiles
as the night goes on
taking and laughing
laughing and talking
this touch a lit fire
we are happy and surprised by
attempting not to temp
all the joy at once
when rainbows come
with sunshine after rain
its morning banana sandwiches
with the comfort of you
i needed more than any
there is no shame in this walk
the city looks so calm
its quiet along the river
pristine and clean
this comfort is just a love
of japanese cherry blossoms

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