November 6, 2010

don't be emo she said

i'd give anything
to hear you say
don't be emo love
it makes me smile
when you are happy
i thought you and i
knew it was true
happy is not
everyday for us
i know this mania
is a cycle of emo
what do you know love?
and would you say it
if you could
if you knew
why words inspired you
how my life
affected you
so far away
time is never fair
when you have
to wait for it
to pass
i spent all my life
preparing for
what to do
when i recognized you
it took sixteen hours
and weeks of distance
for me to realize
i was unprepared
for loving you
without you
in the equation
the cynic in me
says emo
is just the start
of what explains
this mad love
i inspire in you
next year
my smile
will win again
and this love
you feel is emo
will be another
chapter of art
in my artistic life
crazy or not
it was sixteen hours
words from a voice
i knew
how to love

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