November 13, 2010

elusive and alluring

the borderline between the art of erotica and the porn of the masses is quite fine for a subjective minute. i will never kid you that i believe it is one that i do and the other which the squares will see.

last night talking to a british scientist outside one of my favorite dive bars in portland. the fog and gloom illuminated us in neon. the description of my painting style was framed as a non professional Georgia O'Keeffe.

i do not shy away from such an apt description of something i have come so late to in my artistic endeavors.

i will always contend that art is created at the time it is conceived based on intent of the artist to deliver a message. it is also apparent to me that over the years creating this type of visual force of beauty that many will always see the black and whites as art and color as porn because the filter of our eyes are recognize the color and capture the emotional content of the black and whites.

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