November 17, 2010

the fb effect is not the center of the your universe

i am going to step up onto a pedestal for a moment and spout some shit about how insanely self centered the mass of people are. i have been writing this blog for almost a year now and using facebook as a direct means to bring my art to the masses who will love and support it. those are target markets like hipsters, punks, rockabilly's, and alt culture art lovers.

i have noticed a couple of very interesting social scientific observations related to how people interact in the virtual marketing land of fb.

first off, all new friends love you and stalk you after you accept their virtual friendship.

second, men and women, because this is virtual and not a real encounter where you must physically view your consequences will flirt and endlessly taunt each other with innuendo, even if they are married or in a relationship.

third, everyone seems to think my status updates are either talking about them or about someone they think they know. if you get your self centered head focused on reality and read the updates as they are written, it is quite clear they are a) messages to myself, b) song lyrics and c) lines of my poetry. very few, 1% of posts are about "you"! this is a tool for me to market my art in a direct way that people can relate and enjoy. it is for shear entertainment folks...enjoy the art.

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