November 4, 2010

for days an days

the price is right
to be along
for one hell of a ride
if you said anything else
i would have know the truth
you spoke in platitudes and tongues
of broken down drunks
the kind of crazy
who likes to fuck
for days and days
there in manchester
we took a walk
down dirty roads
in grimy pubs
with blokes who spoke
of my beloved futbol
our time measured
in shear hours spend together
all i have is this memory
of the two of us
laughing and smiling
as we stumble down
in the dark of night
heading back to the flat
to fuck
till the drunkard in us
see's the light of day

1 comment:

  1. This is probably my favorite of all that you have written. I've read it several times, I love it more each time. Nicely done, man.