November 27, 2010

in this instance

its so easy to be the glory that you feel
in the morning light of another day
i can see your smile
even in the dark of last night
i can feel your smile
even in the distance of today
what claims to be next
in this instance
where emo is no where in site
the smiles of the day
are a longing towards that time
of one on one saturation
the simple touching of skin
is easy to remember how it all begins
in the meantime
we will look forward to the simplicity
of this day
knowing the morning light is a glory
of self redeemed love
like winning a prize
in a game you stopped playing
so very long ago
when the day turned to night
there you stood on the corner
your lit fag a little twisted joint
of joy and lust for the heels
you watched walking away
long after the sound clicked on cobblestones
those days you remember
like they were yesterday
in between are days you try to forget
as if tomorrow comes
only for you to be told
all those yesterdays are gone
what you learned
what you saw
what you felt
what you experienced
it all led to today
in this morning light
for tomorrow to bring
some new love again

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