November 5, 2010

the line in the sand

the line in the sand
is normally drawn by me
as a means of keeping
all from the place
where i hurt the most
in the quiet
should i have chased
if anything i know
of myself
that line
is meant to be blotted
kicked and stepped over
around, through
i watched this tape
in my head
of you and i in time
over distances
of miles and inches
this line
is more than sand
or metaphor
for your war
that is not my war
with internal drama
i am more than
those words
you could not even say
i am more than
you deserve
or so you say
yet this is my choice
to choose who i love
though i choose you
i do require
you choose me
it does not mean
a line in the sand
one does not cross
it means
tomorrow i will see you
tomorrow i will be with you
because tomorrow
is today
this love is sand
in time and space
that is a distance of millimeters
where we love
each other in this time

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