November 25, 2010

somewhere down the road

i will forget the way you never said good bye
the way you only said i love you
turned around and took all i had
then turned around again
till it was easy for you to walk away
still as i sit and wonder
what dreams may be coming to you this evening
i am more haunted by what transpired
after you left than surely the horror of before

i have a simple question for you in this night
that is bitter cold with serene white snow on the ground
outside is warmer than the insides of a heart
that knows the answer to this question
do you regret ever meeting me?
i may say that i do in some emo moment
when i think of how erratic
your treatment of our storybook was
when i see the pages not cherished
i see a time you wasted my love
no, i see a time you used my love
to launch yourself and attempt to set me back

tomorrow though is always the fabric of my futures
somewhere down the road
when history has read our storybook
the judgement my love invoked in you
for that is all i can imagine
in the aftermath of your bitter sign off
not a good bye at all
befitting a love i wrote on paper
long before i met you
long after we do not speak
i can see these books in past present and futures
somewhere down the road
history will read about us

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