December 22, 2010

the climb to the next plateau begins

i have had a few stellar days over the last week in light of feeling so far down the rabbit hole. i won, i pushed the next phase of development into the light of day, i was rewarded with money, and now i am free to make art and hang out with my awesome daughter for the next 4 days. there always seems to be a new accent that starts after the silly season that is the Fall for me. my day of celebration comes around and i begin the good work again to make that progress me as a sag artist needs. forward progress began a few days ago, and this next year i will take this infamy and create someone grand with it.

i love luscious women who have character and exude the energy of eros. this makes me want to shoot and create and really crank these visionary boundary erotica works of art into the world.

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