December 2, 2010

even when your emo . i love you

i love your letters
so simple and so true
they are just as beautiful as you
i love you
even when you are emo
even when you are true
to that chemical imbalance
that make you you
welcome to the mania
is what you shout
when you are drunkard
and feeling kind of stout
i think you are so funny
and so very cool
i created a word
that describes only you
its called the fucking radder
and you know that you are
it makes me want to fuck you
but that would make me a whore

i am the radder
and you know this is true
but when we are together
i get so silent too
its lovely when you are a drunkard
the punk poet too
you make me feel so happy
what can i do for you
but say this very thing
to you
i promise so much
and you know i am true to
the word like it is a devil
this end is me and you
wrapped in sheets of leather
when the warmth is a sweat factory
and the cum is on our fingers
and in your hair

its so obvious you love me
i hope you feel the same
can see the same in me
that is tomorrow never comes
i will be emo and sad
to forget why we never left this state
of perpetual bliss
with cum on your lips
its just the other side of the border anyway
where there is nothing holding anyone back
i know i am brilliant
you know you love the brilliance
its like a juxtaposition of divinity
where the whore in me
loves the whore in you
when i pull your hair
and you silent scream
the look on your face
makes me want to fuck you hard
till you beg me to stop
again and again
i am the whore
the dirty little whore
you always want me to to be
i know it makes you wet
to touch you there
and over here
i see you squirm in this mission
i have to see the end of pleasure
in your eyes and beyond
i love you my dear
even when you are emo

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