December 4, 2010

not always fit for emo

i am ready i am ready
for this revolution to begin
this revolution in me
a chemical evolution
is not always fit
for public consumption
for viral appeal
for the likes of you and me

i will wait for you to escape from hell
if i have to come to get you
i will
there is not enough beauty
in this world except when you smile love
so do it
i will not forget
you are what love is made for

but we cannot begin
until the shutter clicks
and there is no end
to the joy we will bring
you and i are something more
something more than we can sing
it is all there is
but time and the beginning
of what our kisses can mean
you are this hue i desire
i desire to taste that which is you
in the mix of acrylics
the canvas begins
to grow something beyond itself
and there, there is where we will find
our dreams that become

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