December 21, 2010

that place you know and the girl you wonder

everyday i roll by an apartment complex i have history with. one i know to be infested with meth addicts, whores and tweakers. when the bus stops in front of this place, i always make a mental comment and look over the person to assess their user status. there is this gal who gets on in the morning. every time i see her with her regal nose and gorgeous brown hair, the curious acne and pock marks on her cheeks, i wonder...

she wore a elegant red coat and white gloves this am, carrying a couple of bags. she is obviously a professional of some sort. a regal air about her in this sort of dispassionate way. she did not look at me, but maybe could tell i was gazing. she fumbled with opening some christmas cards, reading so intently. i could see right then in her milky eyes all that haunting hurt. look at me and i will smile. be happy gorgeous i can see the beauty in you and i know what you do in that apartment, i've been there before.

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