December 2, 2010

the worst kind of false bravado

you are the worst kind of whore
one can only hope to avoid
when trolling in dark alleys
of third world countries
like its the desolate mid west
where your so called hardened grit
is a thin veiled curtain
to hide your psychotic emo self
insecure unfiltered neurosis
who lies at every moment
in a fit of drunken state
seeming opposites of juxtaposed jiz
dribble down your chin and lets
as the west coast sees
the real self under the shade
of a fake self you portray
your grit is a false bravado
our enlightened selves see
you cannot take
the barb thrown back
watching you flail is a comedy
since the east is supposed to be hard
but we know that front
is false bravado
to hide your whoring clinging ways

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