January 30, 2011

equating your lips of sugar kisses

i have waited 10 years for the time we are in now, 10years supporting a futbol club like a devottee who knows only of the most famous of fans in the rose city. when we started, there was but 20-30 of use, then 50, then 250, 800, 2000, 5000, and now everywhere i go in my beloved city there you are. The Portland Timbers!

There's No Pity in the Rose City!

this iphone art is brought to you by my only night off this week, friday, where i spent my time entertaining Julie and being entertained, the Olympian is divine. the rest of my time has been spent working on the web development, getting things ready for the launches coming soon. i received my copies of A Love Song for an Inked Doll, and they are fabulous! cannot wait to hear what folks think of this one, i believe it is my best yet!!!

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