January 15, 2011

the filtering splash

i have been working non stop of so many projects as the new year has started. it feels good but tiring also. my third book is coming out next month. i have spear headed the web redevelopment of my publisher's website and also began development finally on the fresch klesch art site. these projects are a long time in the making and i am excited to be leading the efforts. the images here are my attempts to pull together a new logo for sunshine ink. as i look at them this morning, i am intrigued again by this idea i have that your surroundings may have influence on the art you create. i usually listen to music when writing poetry or painting and can sometimes feel the lyrics move through me and set a mood or vibe. as i worked on this last night i was watching a movie on jackson pollock and i wonder if these are the result of a minimal view of his manic expression.

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