January 22, 2011

just what you need

this iPhone art night is brought to you y just what you need and my happy filter through which it was inebriated and facilitated by me. the night started with intense discussion and facilitation in open up our minds to ideas and concepts that may not always be acceptable to one's self. azure and i rocked each other's mind and anyone who would engage in our rebel rousing at Kelly's Olympian.

next we met the ladies at the Tiger Bar for some viral marketing, recruiting and general debauchery. where the luscious sofia stands out as one amazing woman and one deal friend liz who could not stop singing my praises. our heckling of simpletons carried into the doorman who kept saying azure was trying to hussle him, so i told him he was and then azure said he was, after we had satisfied his request and the look of confusion on his face was priceless. it also let go in for free and drink on a cheap tab. this stop in the evening was about the girls thought and for this i cannot wait for the gorgeous sofia to make here famous appearance here. to say i was a little smitten might be an understatement, but being a gentleman and a professional, sometimes those feelings are for your euphoria afterward.

then we ambled down the road for naked ladies at my magic gardin where my favorite stripper was and azure and i continued our in depth exploration of my art and where it needs to go next. as we left there at last call, i felt riled up and wanted to talk more shit and get into trouble. so suddenly in a crowd of people i was standing face to face with this scrumptious little english hippie chick. azure engaged her in settling a bet for us, that $1 was on the line and if i could spank her ass. she was excited and bent over for her spank, and a little grab! so i gave her the dollar for a taco and asked her if she would model for me. she kept trying to show me her tats below the belt and i politely pointed to the ones around her breasts. hand shakes and biz cards later she seemed interested but like most gals all they can see is the internet, not the art. so we began our rebel rousing amble down through old told and ran into my beloved english hippie chick again crossing into downtown. she yelled to me, " i got your card sir; you're gonna take nude pictures of me!" yes, yes i am...

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