January 2, 2011

the lightening rod fetish

i grew up a square in disguise in a bourgeois family nestled in a ghetto neighborhood in Northern California called friendly acres. i was always out of sorts in this suburban ghetto on the east side of the tracks. it certainly was an experience to grow up always feeling like an outside amongst a group of losers. my heritage is one of royalty, crazy and famous poets. this necessity to keep who i was both sacred and hidden from ridicule has produce a set of what i can now admit are fetishes. i am going to save my disscussion of those fetishes for later and focus for a second on a photography idea i was toying with last year that will begin to be explored this year.

the idea of fetish photography is not foreign to me and some of my erotica is certainly considered fetish. i have wanted to add more of the subtle and light fetish gear into the mix. to build shots with them and ordinary inked dolls exploring the subtle nature of fetish as it relates to the female nude form. i want to take this as a starting place and then mix in my noir erotica as is outlined with the book Wicked Delicious. i can thank Kris for the fetish gear as a new years gift to help me expand my art into a realm that will hopefully find more creative brilliance.

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