January 8, 2011

revving the engine coming out of a turn

the engine that is the fresch klesch's art is revving up coming out of a corner turn for the straight away. pushing down on the accelerator i have this pre euphoric feeling of what is coming as the wind is whipping bye, the engine whines and i can feel liftoff as i let my lead foot down. friday, coming out of the web development meeting for my art site i was on cloud nine for the future foundation i have laid. went directly into a meeting with Azure for A Love Song for an Inked Doll. it was fabulous to loudly dissect my book message and style with intellectual banter and fervor. then heading straight into a weekend holed up in a posh hotel room making the final edits to the book. like a real famous writer and artist. i feel that this years future is immediate and so pleasant to look at where i will be come next year. structure strategy and support are all perfect endeavors to accelerate this artistic future.

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