February 26, 2011

forever in it for immortality

the light is crystal clear this morning because its 18 degrees outside. i light my fag and inhale deeply. the cold burns more than the free radicals and as i exhale hot smoke and moisture it all just seems to float away crystals. the sun rise is brilliant orange transitioning to agent orange and finally yellow bliss.

i can feel a difference in myself as i look upon my world. there was something Andrew said to me a month or so ago related to my relationships that i have been pondering on. i know it to be right and coming to understand why as i have over the last couple of weeks makes it easy to just admit. you do it to save yourself more than them.

i am profound in my ability to far outpace your expectations of what i should be. those who know me well understand this is because my expectation to myself. i am a gentleman in the classic sense, a renaissance man, a scientist, artist, photographer, poet, painter, lover, romantic, punk, drunk, manic ... life is about who dies with the biggest impact and folks i aim to be remembered forever when i am gone.

February 22, 2011

sun flower vacations

reluctantly staring off
into space
every thought
a fading dream
like whispering
on the wind
you know
i could go on forever
in this way
till you are here
or i am there
or somewhere

somewhere we can be
something we are not
a stitch
of moments in time
no one knows us
no one demands
our stage presence
i want the relief
i only know with you.

February 21, 2011

the secret is still my own

for a little while i have been trying to let a vision of a specific emotion come through in a very deliberate manner. i can see it in my head and have seen it in the movement of strippers or lovers under little light. every once and a while i find it in a shoot, it has this sensual elegance to it and for a moment, even i cannot believe , there is no divinity.

it is the essence of the dark dive bar. it is the place i find comfort in strangers.

February 20, 2011

all night to do what's right

i was thinking of your eyes
the softness of your lips
your hair strewn
like you were hiding
the little bit of emo
we both felt
knowing tomorrow
we would say goodbye

you lay there on white sheets
smiling you love smile
to me
we were laughing playful
all night
i kept think to do
what is right
by you
this love
our melancholy dripped
from our eyes
till we took all night
to do what is right
in the morning
we said hello
to you and i
instead of goodbye

February 17, 2011

a second before i commit

i feel your nervous shimmer
like a current along my skin
this energy a little less than night
i am mesmerized by your lips
the luscious curve
soft and moist

i inhale this heart laced pheromone
my laced memory
is crystal in its design
you are more than amazing
in this way i cannot shake
i feel your touch in the way you speak
those eyes a luster
to be lost in

February 16, 2011

latent light of glamor lust

you and i we are not so much together
as we are on the same ride
somewhere in parallel
until its you and i
sitting in the translucent desert

it is intimate this fag
we drag on and share
you in this hue of spring sun
the dry dew a drop of love
i believe we created this truth
of glamor lust
this stymied air of heat
with just you and i
in the latent light
your desert hue

February 7, 2011

A Square's Guide to Being Punk

A Squares Guide to Being Punk is a series of stories and prose that highlight my love affair with The Portland Timbers, debauchery, strippers, whores and more drinking than anyone can even imagine. It is a blue print for how to be a drunk singing hooligan and an devotee to the beautiful game. Its the story of an artist and his many urban loves as it plays out in The Fresch Klesch's beloved Rose City. We follow the early days of the Timbers and the Timbers Army as they give rise to a cultural phenomenon that is as famous as the futbol. Follow the characters and find your self a passionate culture of alternative lifestyles and debaucherous hooliganism. Every thing a square needs to be a punk!

Chapter List:

mormons on bikes

april showers may flowers

a hipsters wet dream

day jobs are for suckers

first thursday thirsty thursday

lusciously fuckable

ain't no sunshine in hell

titties and kitties

want to get drunk and fuck

no emo shite

i give good head

slutty jesus

acapella anthems

viral gorilla art

fake emo sunshine

each chapter title page will have a photograph of a topless nude women wearing a Timbers scarf covering her breasts. Woven throughout the book of stories will be art and photographs highlighting the themes and art of the fresch klesch.

February 6, 2011

marauding beers for Zenner's delight

this friday evening brought to you by the iphone and the adventures of a nefarious character.

the evening started at Kelly's then i had a shoot at the Marriot, then went back to the village to drop stuff off in the studio and decided to walk down to the village and go to Zenner's. Part dinner, part bar, the place was lit aglow with neon ink and conversation. i settled in to drink a few and write. i was sucked into the noise of echo by an old codger and a paranoid zeolight.

then the ladies dragged me back to the Olympian for more beers and celebration that lasted till last call. we all had such an event to smile about in my favorite dive bar with two gorgeous women, talking nefarious characters and drinking golden liquid sunshine in the dark of neon and ink. it was a late night of good times in hooligan colors.

February 5, 2011

A Love Song for an Inked Doll, Chasing Skirt & Manic Rose City

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