February 26, 2011

forever in it for immortality

the light is crystal clear this morning because its 18 degrees outside. i light my fag and inhale deeply. the cold burns more than the free radicals and as i exhale hot smoke and moisture it all just seems to float away crystals. the sun rise is brilliant orange transitioning to agent orange and finally yellow bliss.

i can feel a difference in myself as i look upon my world. there was something Andrew said to me a month or so ago related to my relationships that i have been pondering on. i know it to be right and coming to understand why as i have over the last couple of weeks makes it easy to just admit. you do it to save yourself more than them.

i am profound in my ability to far outpace your expectations of what i should be. those who know me well understand this is because my expectation to myself. i am a gentleman in the classic sense, a renaissance man, a scientist, artist, photographer, poet, painter, lover, romantic, punk, drunk, manic ... life is about who dies with the biggest impact and folks i aim to be remembered forever when i am gone.

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