February 6, 2011

marauding beers for Zenner's delight

this friday evening brought to you by the iphone and the adventures of a nefarious character.

the evening started at Kelly's then i had a shoot at the Marriot, then went back to the village to drop stuff off in the studio and decided to walk down to the village and go to Zenner's. Part dinner, part bar, the place was lit aglow with neon ink and conversation. i settled in to drink a few and write. i was sucked into the noise of echo by an old codger and a paranoid zeolight.

then the ladies dragged me back to the Olympian for more beers and celebration that lasted till last call. we all had such an event to smile about in my favorite dive bar with two gorgeous women, talking nefarious characters and drinking golden liquid sunshine in the dark of neon and ink. it was a late night of good times in hooligan colors.

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