March 28, 2011

lusciously kiss me forever

the ruby lips
soft and delicious
as you lusciously
kiss me
lip to lip
i can feel your touch
supple tips
of fingered delight
your skin
on my skin
your lips
pressed on mine
i want you
to touch me
i need you
to touch me
next year
in your eyes
i lust
for more
of your touch
those famous
pearls of joy
you always smile
when i see you
you always love
the embrace
of your skin
pooled up to mine
in you
is divine

March 24, 2011

jesus you got me drunk and high

jesus you got me drunk and high
all i wanted to do was fuck
or hear you scream
or feel me squirm
the passion we both feel
in the midst of this session
that saw me topless
you smiling
i act a fool
every once and a while
just to make you smile
i want to believe
the tough is a fire
we ignited spontaneously
knowing so well
you can love me so
much more than i imagine
i need to feel
what it is like
to be deep inside
the world that is
your life
i need to feel
what it is you call
this pleasure that is
me loving you
you loving me

March 20, 2011

i need you to help me move on

i have been working diligently on finishing up content for the new fresch klesch site that Sunshine Ink has put together and reminiscing about why i picked up the camera again after college and why i seem to only be shooting women and portraits exclusively. not even the portraits i really want to do either. it is nice to see the work i did before emily was born, and i have been wishing i would go do it again. i am curious how all the years of knowing what made it good will transcribe with the first new images. some of the brilliance i have captured in my work is because there are gap in creating the work where i internalize it. the hardest part of my days now is that i cannot truly balance the amount of creative energy with all of the projects. and so, i am thinking i am going to shoot women less in the studio and finally go outside so i can begin to finish some of the art photography books.

March 17, 2011

the true structure of water

i can feel this day like it is dripping water on my skin, this heavy day amongst a steady stream of heavy days. i am either up or down or left or nothing at all. i want to just be moving, ever moving forward, but my heart is heavy, my eyes are down and my feet drag as i walk.

i remember a lecture deep in the science of chemistry about the true structure of water having a perfect alignment. there is a hydrogen molecule at the top of a pyramid of two oxygen molecules, but because the oxygen molecules each have a pair of of electrons in the outer orbitals they give it a slightly negative and polar charge. each of these pairs of electrons can loosely bond with a hydrogen at the top of the pyramid of another water molecule. the perfect alignment comes from a positive charge or word that lines all the molecules into a simple and divine structure.

quantum physics tells us we that we are all connected through vibrations and energy transfer. i looked down at emily's fish tank and saw that she has put a post it note on the side of it that read "i love you" and her new beta fish Rainbow sat right next to it. because the words had transferred their positive energy and aligned the the structure of the water. i need this harmony!

March 16, 2011

some day you will be there

you will be there
next to me
on the bench
in summer sun
you will be there
my love
the love
of my heart
my world
my passion
you will be there
because you love me
need me
care to support me
love of my life
i need you
to stand next to me
sit next to me
on this park bench
where we first

March 13, 2011

the insatiable mistress art

you are an insatiable mistress who occupies all of my creative time. i cannot satisfy you, but i fear you will consume me with fire. you are the physical manifestation of my emotional mind, my art.

you are fickle with your energies at once starved as the insatiable mess is created again, always on a continuum. this compendium of hours spent in the studio creating, working, exhausting all your energies to define the definitive work.

always for the definitive work i am striving to satisfy this insatiable mistress of painting, poetry and photography.

March 8, 2011

the riff raff continuum


everyday i am on the edge of this continuum, it is either brilliant or not worth the effort. it has taken me years of effort to educate myself on how to keep the riff raff from my life. i fail miserably so many times, but then i remember to fill my self with art.

i am bullet proof!

i wish you were here with me to share this, to talk with me as the day ends. i want to smile at you as a new day begins.

March 6, 2011

it is always better in the mind

i am having coffee this am after watching the bitter disappointment that was United's spanking by Liverpool and hundreds of crows have descended on my house to hold a caucus as loud as the north end of a 3-1 win. so many moving parts in this life and so many interesting people to occupy the time between creating and reality.

lately as i try to change the way i connect to the world the block is not in another, but inside me.

i am structured from emo to lay down the creative works i will be remembered for.

it is always better in the mind to be in love than it is in reality for there is no fall.

March 2, 2011

its only when you are not here

it is only when
you are not here
i remember
what it is i miss
about the times
you are here
with me
i breathe nostalgia
like it is pheromones
you left on my pillow
the warm light
of afternoons
spent languishing
on skin
we saturated
in wanderlust
it is always
so easy to be
anywhere near you
lingering scent
on a pillow case
soft upon my skin
just my memories
of you laughing
with me