March 20, 2011

i need you to help me move on

i have been working diligently on finishing up content for the new fresch klesch site that Sunshine Ink has put together and reminiscing about why i picked up the camera again after college and why i seem to only be shooting women and portraits exclusively. not even the portraits i really want to do either. it is nice to see the work i did before emily was born, and i have been wishing i would go do it again. i am curious how all the years of knowing what made it good will transcribe with the first new images. some of the brilliance i have captured in my work is because there are gap in creating the work where i internalize it. the hardest part of my days now is that i cannot truly balance the amount of creative energy with all of the projects. and so, i am thinking i am going to shoot women less in the studio and finally go outside so i can begin to finish some of the art photography books.

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