March 17, 2011

the true structure of water

i can feel this day like it is dripping water on my skin, this heavy day amongst a steady stream of heavy days. i am either up or down or left or nothing at all. i want to just be moving, ever moving forward, but my heart is heavy, my eyes are down and my feet drag as i walk.

i remember a lecture deep in the science of chemistry about the true structure of water having a perfect alignment. there is a hydrogen molecule at the top of a pyramid of two oxygen molecules, but because the oxygen molecules each have a pair of of electrons in the outer orbitals they give it a slightly negative and polar charge. each of these pairs of electrons can loosely bond with a hydrogen at the top of the pyramid of another water molecule. the perfect alignment comes from a positive charge or word that lines all the molecules into a simple and divine structure.

quantum physics tells us we that we are all connected through vibrations and energy transfer. i looked down at emily's fish tank and saw that she has put a post it note on the side of it that read "i love you" and her new beta fish Rainbow sat right next to it. because the words had transferred their positive energy and aligned the the structure of the water. i need this harmony!

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