April 24, 2011

don't have a coronary

so i had the best friday and saturday a guy could ask for. did a little romantic thing and brought a pretty lady some flowers. it did not go so swimmingly but the thought and the action were what i wanted more than anything else. spent some time ambling around my beloved rose city with the camera in hand chatting with old friends. dug my hands in the dirt and planted emily her rose bushes. all these things on the precipice of the week i finally get www.freschklesch.com live for the public. sometimes things are on the back burner for good reasons and sometimes you just need to make the time to accomplish the building blocks of your goals. step 1 comes thursday, step 2 in july and then back to the content.

i keep thinking ahead to the next two weeks, timbers, timbers again and a night at the Hilton in Eugene for the Oregon Ink convention. that hotel is where i spent a night with a woman i cannot wait to tell the story of. there is nothing like a night of whoring to make a good story.

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