April 11, 2011

you were the pearl in this loaner's heart once

i remember this moment in my life, it happened a couple of times, as i was faced with the rock bottom realization that you could end this spiral only after you are laying in the gutter.
i laughed and smiled my manic smile knowing i will always stumble and fall ... laying there staring up there is only the joyous realization that no matter what there can be hope

there is hope that getting up from the gutter one can truly accomplish anything, even in the face of shear disaster or certain defeat.
hope that with every rededication of effort, success may be easier to realize because of the stumbles. i will never give up on a dream even if the gutter knocks me out. until the day i stop breathing i alone, in this lonely loaner's life when everyone is an acquaintance, will never give up faith that tomorrow i can start new again towards the success that is in my dreams.

going back into the pearl, especially at night, always reminds me of this drunkard artist and his dreams of being a character that people remember!

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