May 29, 2011

smiling my emo away

the sun is hiding
this early am
when there is enough
light to illuminate our way
i am waiting for you
to walk through the door
to kiss me softly
like so many sundays
we laid in bed
under white sheets
after spent skin
sipping delicious coffee
but this am
without the sun
your warm light
i am seeing shadows
in a grey filled light
hoping i can see
you again someday
smiling my emo away
my coffee is black
dark and
like a part of my soul
which longs for you
for your voice
to soothe me
your eyes to light me
your touch to satisfy me
i know love
i am selfish
for needing you
to help keep my emo
i know you need
me to win this fight
i am too tired to wage
i know i am alone
till you return again
if perchance
tomorrow never comes
the way we want it too
then this grey
haze in my dark coffee
comes with a side of emo
you served the day you left
only to exceed
the day i forget
i can love myself too

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