June 20, 2011

my maurading love for you

the cruelest part of a futbol match is after all the beers, the drunk singing and the joy of spanking a team from New York, a tie is just the same as a loss, especially when the tieing goal comes on the final blow of the whistle. it is worse when this is the second home match in a row decided on the final play.

futbol is like my creation of art and my interaction with women. it is an up and down affair that has deep moments of marauding love and cruel heartbreak all at the same time. the pitch is a canvas of pure delight like a blank canvas or a delicious doll whose skin is full of traceable ink. i know my fetishes will bring about my demise if i am not careful. i lead with my heart and see the good where even you cannot accept. it is emo psychology as the lads sing us on to victory.

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