June 5, 2011

the wonderful gypsy sacrament

even after i showered
i could smell your musk on me
the gypsy musk of you
sensual and full of earth
experiences of and tragedy
with your luscious gypsy eyes
they pierce me
you are the queen
your scent on me
makes me smile
seeing you smile
listening to your stories
the way you tell me
a few key points over and over
always with that side ways look
a little smirk
for gorgeous eyes
a little look
then we chuckle
there is always humor
in the way your words phrase
their meaning
inhaling deep breaths of you in the night
that now lingers on me
hours after i left you hug
i see the early morning kisses
on your shoulder while you sleep
cuddled up on the couch
fully clothed
absolutely drunk

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