June 19, 2011

yes please, may i have some more

your eyes scream
of deep melancholy
housed in the shell
of smirk y joy
unbridled by loss
i keep seeking redemption
in the worst possible choices
knowing that i'll find
the circle of mania
leads me to find
my face in the gutter
staring up
at another pair
of boots and fishnets
walking away
its more than a little
how could i am
at getting back up
on the horse
though looking back
looking forward
i see choices
made from a naive
you will walk through the door
remind me
the joy of being me
the greatness in me
be content
to fuck all night
stand by my side
talking all manner of gibberish
or just sit on the couch
in the corner of the studio
sipping whiskey
drinking coffee
watching me create
my legacy
for you

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