June 12, 2011

your choice is not a mistake if you see it through

all choices are based on hopes and dreams with consequences we may know or fathom we can handle. i had a friday night of rock star proportions as i celebrated the start of a dream being fulfilled and trying to keep the emo at bay. i would say i am a mess but i was drunk the entire night on friday and most of saturday night after two gutting losses.

the one bright spot of this roller coaster is a romantic late lunch date that almost never happened when the rose parade and my stupid brain made what was going to be perfect almost nothing at all. when i finally made it to the park i could not shake my emo and i could almost taste yours. yet still our words kept falling all around us and it just feels natural to be there in this old fashioned way we are walking. i didn't know what to do when that little blond inferred we were a couple. i smiled an awkward smile, wondering if it was the association of us in the park with a little man or something about the way we carried each other.

it was shorter than we both may have wanted but i didn't know how to ask. as we hugged and your cute little man gave me more knuckles, i danced a little down the street till i mounted the bus. the emo soaked me like some impending doom that heartbreaking futbol losses only tormented and the beers barely soothed. i didn't want to go. i like how southeast is warm on a sunny day for you and i.

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