July 14, 2011

as amazingly as you

i am all sorts of broken . my soul cannot fall in love when it is shattered. i am not worth your love . i do not deserve your feelings . don't love me . don't fall in love with me!

love what we do . love the moments we share sweetie . know i love you for the world you give me . the way you fit into my life . you are amazingly wonderful to me . i only hope, when i am whole, i find someone who treats me half as amazing as you!

July 11, 2011

sublime love waiting

in courtesy and gratitude, i see the cobblestone lit by moonlight where a moment earlier it was dark and sultry. it glistened wet from the mist of lust as my sullen heart knew only the joys of a singular self absorbed poet on a walk. the air sat whimsical like it wished the moment had not passed us by, or that as you walked away, the click of your heels matched the beating of my heart. your hand on my lip and the soft whisper of sublime love waiting, till there the light danced of moisture on this poets walk to remember.

July 8, 2011

you make sex sexy

after all, you promised bliss and that was what i felt for hours upon hours as you found all the ways to pleasure me.

with touch, your breath and lips pressed to my labia, my nipples hard and cum dripping on my thigh; you make sex sexy and i have found how bliss feels upon my nerves as every neuron fires to the pulse of your breath.

July 7, 2011

One night… one hit… Addicted by Angel

The click of the shutter was reminiscent of the slapping sounds of wet flesh; sex on hardwood, sticky summers in the front seat of the truck, being thrown against the wall in a sense of urgency that never abated. The absinthe burned a trail through my veins. Everything was numb… everything that wasn’t important. All thoughts had become fuzzy, nothing really mattered. Nothing but the sensations, the pleasure, the fact that for one brief moment you loved me. I could feel your fingers slide along my skin. You opened me in ways I’d never been touched, positioning me for maximum effect.

Pure bliss rained from every inch of my body in the form of sweat and cum. I lost count… Did I ever stop cumming? One moment crashed into the next, one orgasm chased another. ‘round and ‘round my brain… what brain, it was all nerves, skin on skin, skin on sheets, just skin. Thought had ceased to matter… all I could feel was you. You and the pleasure and the love. Too soon it was over.

The oxygen isn’t enough to sustain the functioning of my soul. I can’t think. I can’t feel. I live in your film. I exist to be part of you. Loved by you. This shell that walks around… sending sneaky pictures of flashes of cunt under a desk. Driving down the road in ecstasy to get the briefest taste of that night.

I can’t stop thinking about making love to your film. Writhing in the agony of the thought of not being good enough. Begging for your approval in every breath, every veiled glance. Every orgasm writing our passion in the heavens. I exist for that sex, the illusion that you love me. Was I good enough? You were amazing! Spending my days plotting, my nights reliving the vividness of memory. I wake up in a cold sweat, alone. I’m a junkie. I want more. I need it with every burning fiber of my being.

One night… one hit… Addicted.

July 6, 2011

the origin of ipov erotica

i wanted to do this with you. i wanted you to help me create something profound. some piece of art that cascaded your world into mine, that made the masses squirm.

something that made you squirm with pleasure. captured our emo together. i wanted this to be our lasting impression on culture, to blur the line between art and porn. my erotica, your emotions. it is always art when you start with the heart and express everything from there.